Can Dental Implants Fall Out?

Did you know that over 170 million Americans have missing teeth? That’s a considerable number, and you do not want to belong to that population! That is why you need to have alternatives whenever you lose a tooth. Good news! Dental implants in Zebulon are now available! Worried that you can lose your dental implant? Worry no more! We can expand your knowledge about dental implants by answering some frequently asked questions about them. 


What Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are missing teeth alternatives designed to permanently fix your smile. These implants are directly drilled or placed in your jawbone, meaning you don’t have to experience the hassle of removing them every day as they act like natural teeth. First, thoroughly checking the condition of your oral health is done before choosing the right kind of implant that will be placed in your mouth. The titanium posts will then be attached to your jawbone. Your bone and the posts need to bone for a few weeks before the next steps. Once the jawbone and implant site get fully recovered, abutments will be placed for the new teeth to be secured. The new teeth are modeled out of your dentist’s impressions based on your teeth and bite. Dental implants have higher success rates than other teeth replacements, especially when taken care of properly. 

 Why Do Dental Implants Fall Out? 

While dental implants are successful for many patients, there are instances when dental implants tend to fall out for some reason. About 10 percent of people with implants are recorded to experience implant failure. The first sign of an implant failure is excessive mobility. Your dental implant often moves when the bone fails to regrow and bond with the titanium post. This becomes a gateway for infections as food particles and other deposits seep into the implant site. Bone resorption can also cause implants to fall out, especially when you suffer from missing teeth for a more extended period. Having no teeth for a long time can decrease your jawbone’s mass and density, making it challenging to attach dental implants. 

Bone loss can become worse with peri-implantitis, an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the implant, which is caused by poor oral hygiene and by using inappropriate over-the-counter products in your mouth. Unhealthy habits, such as smoking, can also be a huge factor in increasing the tendencies of an implant failure. Multiple studies have shown that tobacco increases the risk of having peri-implantitis. That is why it is recommended to quit smoking if you plan to have implants. Suppose you have other existing health conditions, such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. In that case, you are likely to experience implant failure as the implant site heals slower, which can prevent osseointegration.  

Your medications can also affect the success rate of your dental implant. Some examples are heartburn medications and antidepressants, wherein research has shown that these medicines reduce bone growth, slowing down the osseointegration process. Having your health thoroughly checked is very important before having dental implants. It is best to discuss your plans of having dental implants with your dentist and your attending physician to do preventive measures and modify the procedures to reduce the risk of implant failure. 

How to Fix Loose Dental Implants 

Suppose you notice your teeth replacement becoming excessively wobbly. In that case, you should seek immediate help from your dentist to check if it’s only the dental crown or the implant itself that is becoming movable. First, a cleaning procedure will be done to remove the food particles and deposits attached to the teeth. Then, you will be administered anesthesia to remove the wobbly implant and inspect the bone underneath. It would be great if there’s nothing wrong with the bone. You’ll only need to have a new implant attached to it. But, if bone growth fails after the implant placement, bone grafting will be done to make sure the new implant will fit this time. It will take a few weeks for you to recover from the bone grafting procedure before having a new implant. Once the new implant is placed, make sure to visit your dentist regularly to see if the solution is working. Remember to practice proper oral hygiene as well. 


Where to Find Excellent Dental Implants in Zebulon 

At Tryon Family Dentistry, we offer quality and standardized dental implants for our patients who want to restore their confidence and comfort. Our well-equipped and experienced experts will assure you of the safety and success of your implants. Give us a call to book an appointment. 

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