How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Cavity-Free

Are you paying enough attention to your child’s teeth? According to a pediatric dentist in Raleigh, taking care of your child’s oral health should be a top priority. Studies show that severe decay in baby teeth can lead to serious consequences that could affect your child’s jaw development, speech, and nutrition. Untreated tooth decay during childhood will also increase your child’s risk of developing new decay in other teeth. 

Teach your children simple dental hygiene practices to help protect their teeth while they’re still young. Establishing a routine at a young age will make it easier for them to incorporate it into their lifestyles as they mature. So that even if they become occupied with the demands of school and other extracurricular activities, you can be confident that they’re committed to following proper dental hygiene. 

pediatric dentist in Raleigh teaching a girl about oral hygiene  

Tips to Help Protect Your Child’s Teeth From Cavities 

Establish an Oral Care Routine 

It all boils down to the basics. How do you get your children to follow a routine? It doesn’t have to be an everyday battle. The secret to coaxing them to brush and floss in the morning and right before bedtime is to make the routine enjoyable for them. Most children have a short attention span, and they can’t keep still. They also get bored easily. Your job is to turn a tedious activity into something that gets them excited. 

Pediatric dentists recommend you let them watch a short video showing the proper techniques for brushing and flossing. Find a video from the ADA to ensure that what they’re seeing are standard techniques. Since the ideal brushing time is 2 minutes, we suggest you play any of their favorite songs (lasting 2 minutes) to pass the time.   

Introduce Them to a Pediatric Dentist 

Can you make your children look forward to their next dental appointment? It may seem hard to believe, but it is possible. Dental visits are an essential aspect of your child’s oral care routine. 

When your child’s first tooth erupts, take them to a pediatric dentist.  The earlier you introduce your children to a pediatric dentist, the more familiar and comfortable they’ll become with their dental care provider and the environment. 

These visits will also allow them to learn about their oral health and how they can improve it. Dental checkups are important as they help their pediatric dentist identify problems while they are in their early stages, like cavities and tooth decay. If you wait too long to take your child to a dentist, simple dental issues could turn into severe complications. 

Ask About Fluoride Sealants 

Besides brushing and flossing, another way to add extra protection against cavities and tooth decay is by applying dental sealants. Dental resin sealants are painted over your teeth. As soon as the resin gets in contact with your enamel, it will bond directly and harden in place. 

Even though your child’s enamel has pits and grooves, the resin will fill those spaces. Usually, children get sealants in their back teeth because the chewing surfaces of molars are more prone to plaque buildup. 

Use a Toothpaste Brand With the ADA Seal of Approval 

Choosing your child’s toothpaste is just as important as choosing their toothbrush. While toothpaste brands with unique flavors may look enticing, always ensure that the package has the ADA seal of acceptance. 

Floss Regularly 

Flossing is tricky, and it can be challenging for children since it involves attention to detail. If your child struggles with flossing, you can do it for them. When should you start flossing your child’s teeth? 

Pediatric dentists recommend you start as soon as your child grows a couple of teeth that are in contact with each other. Flossing can help remove food debris, plaque, and bacteria lodged in between teeth. When not removed, this can create a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive and eventually lead to cavities and tooth decay. 

Watch Their Diet 

It’s no surprise children love sweets. They love candies, cakes, ice cream, and chocolates. Unfortunately, these sweet treats can destroy their teeth. Instead of storing unhealthy enamel-damaging treats in your pantry, why don’t you replace them with healthier alternatives that taste great and are packed with essential vitamins and minerals? 

Instead of buying unhealthy snacks, why don’t you shop for high-fiber fruits and snackable vegetables? Other food items you can add to their diet are yogurt, cheese, milk and eggs. 

Understand That Cavities Can Still Form 

Even if you are diligent in training and disciplining your child to be proactive in their oral health, there will be instances where cavities may still develop. In the event it happens, don’t feel frustrated. Your pediatric dentist can take care of it and restore your child’s teeth in no time. 

pediatric dentist in Raleigh checking a young boy's mouth

See a Pediatric Dentist in Raleigh Today 

Entrust your child’s oral health with our experienced pediatric dentist. At Tyron Family Dentistry, we offer patient education, guidance, and a wide array of preventive and restorative dental treatments to keep your child’s teeth cavity-free! Get in touch with us today!

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