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COVID-19: At this time all of our offices are open.

Can You Get Dental Implants in One Day?

Can Teeth In A Day® in Raleigh give you a full smile in just a few hours? This may sound too good to be true, but it is, in fact, a reality thanks to advancements in technology. Tooth loss should not be taken lightly. The moment it happens, you should let your dentist know about it so you can discuss your options.

We understand that people would like to have their smile and oral function back as soon as possible, which is why Teeth In A Day® treatment is so popular. Since teeth a day are highly in demand, you’ll find all sorts of information about them online.

Some are true, while others are myths and misconceptions. Before you consider Teeth In A Day®, we suggest you learn about the facts – how they work, how safe they are, and what you can expect during the procedure.

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Are They Too Good to Be True?

What Are Teeth In A Day®?

This treatment is also known as same-day dental implants. They are fast, reliable, and convenient, making them one of America’s most popular tooth restoration options. What makes them unique is you don’t have to wait for months to get your smile back. All it takes is just one appointment.

How is this possible? Everyone’s more familiar with traditional dental implants. We all know it’s a lengthy process that can take months to complete since you need to wait for successful osseointegration (the process where the implants fuse with your jawbone).

Besides osseointegration, if an affected tooth needs to be extracted, you’ll have to wait for another three to four months until the socket has healed completely. Only then will your oral surgeon be able to embed the implants.

Once embedded, the osseointegration process can stretch out between three to six months. After that period, the crowns are finally placed. The entire process can extend between six to ten months. Not everyone is willing to wait that long, and if you’re not the patient type, same-day dental implants may be a good choice for you. Teeth In A Day® procedures are quicker, and you only need to see your dentist around three times. The first is during the initial consultation, the second meeting is for the surgery, and the third one is for the follow-up checkup. However, the placement process itself is carried out in one visit. You don’t need to wait for months to have your smile restored.

What Are the Advantages of Teeth In A Day®?

Teeth In A Day® share more or less the same success rates as traditional dental implants, so you shouldn’t worry about them being unreliable. Other advantages include the following:

  • Saves you time. You can leave the dental office with a brand-new smile.
  • Research shows that the implants integrate faster with your bone tissues.
  • Faster healing of your gum tissues.
  • Implants fill in the extraction sockets to help keep bacteria at bay.

How Do They Work?

The duration of the procedure will depend on the number of implants you need. Although your smile is restored as soon as you leave, you’ll be wearing temporary teeth while waiting for your permanent teeth. But even if they are just temporary teeth, at least you’ll leave with a complete smile.

They do share one thing in common with traditional implants – they also need your jaw and gum tissues to heal. The dental crowns will not be placed until your oral tissues are entirely healed. Once that’s achieved, you will receive your permanent teeth.

What Are the Different Types of  Implants?

Single-Tooth Dental Implants

A single-tooth dental implant consists of one false tooth. The titanium screw-shaped post must first be embedded in your jawbone to function as an artificial tooth root. Once it is in place, the crown is added next.

The crown can be made from porcelain or ceramic to achieve a more realistic look. The fascinating thing about a single-tooth dental implant is that it is ingeniously designed to mimic the look of natural teeth.

Full-Arch Dental Implants

If you’ve lost all your teeth in one arch, your dentist will recommend a full-arch dental implant.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are dentures transformed into implants through the attachment of abutments to the bottom portion. Abutments are connectors typically seen in implants used to attach the artificial teeth to the titanium posts.

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Get Your Teeth In A Day® in Raleigh Today

Do you want to know if you’d make a suitable candidate? At Tyron Family Dentistry, we can assess your mouth and overall health to determine if you qualify for the procedure. We provide an extensive array of dental services to restore your smile and oral health. Contact us today for an appointment.

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