How Often Should You Get Dental Checkups? 

Many of us neglect regular dental checkups because we think there is no need to worry so long as we do not experience toothaches and discomfort. A family dentist in Raleigh would disagree. Dental checkups are just as important as any other health checkups. According to the World Health Organization, did you know that over 3 billion people are affected by oral diseases? Huge number, isn’t it? And you do not want to be part of that population! That is why a family dentist highly recommends you undergo dental checkups very often to avoid serious complications.  


How Often Should We Visit Our Dentist? 

The general rule of going to the dentist only twice a year should not be practiced. We all have different lifestyles and different body builds. That is why we should often have our dental health checked to know its status. 

Certain cases change the condition of your dental health. For example, bottle-feeding children are at higher risk of cavities because of excessive amounts of sugar sticking to their teeth. 

The moment your child turns one or when their first tooth comes in, immediately go and see a dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry to know how to maintain your child’s milk teeth. That way, preventive measures will be taken. Remember, most children cannot tolerate toothaches. 

In the case of adults, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that over 20% of them have tooth decay, and almost 50% of them have gum problems for various reasons. Can you imagine that? 

Regardless of our age, we should not just limit our dental appointments. The more visits we have, the less likely we will have dental problems. While most people can get away with two visits per year, talk to your dentist about a more personalized plan. 

How Does Our Lifestyle Affect Our Oral Health? 

The way we live our lives can drastically affect our dental health. It is common sense that if we do unhealthy things, it could lead us to health problems. But there are specific parts of our lifestyle that we should note because they can directly affect our dental health. 

Smoking And Alcohol 

These two vices are bad for our health for many reasons. They can ruin our dental health directly, too!  

Smoking can cause bad breath because of its strong tobacco smell, but there’s more to that. Smoking can also cause tooth discoloration, contributing to plaque and tartar buildup. 

It is also not recommended to have dental implants if you smoke because you are just lessening its success rate. Moreover, it can increase your risk of having gum diseases, leading to periodontal diseases! 

The same effects can be felt if you drink alcohol excessively! If you happen to have existing oral health problems while indulging in these vices, it would be best to seek help on how to stop these while your dentist helps you prevent complications. 

Excessive Consumption of Sweets 

While we all feel good and happy whenever we eat our favorite sweets, like cakes and candies, we tend to forget the danger it poses to our teeth. Sugary foods can hasten the buildup of plaque and tartar, leading to tooth decay. 

These two forms of bacteria could put our oral health at risk; Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sorbrinus. These bacteria feed on the sugar we eat and help in plaque formation. 

Brushing your teeth and gargling a mouthwash is not enough to get rid of them. It is best to see a dentist to complete preventive measures, like cleaning and scaling treatments.  

Existing Health Problems

If you are battling other health problems, like diabetes, you are at risk of having dental health problems because of your unstable sugar level. It also lowers your immune system, making you prone to infection. 

Your dentist can share some tips on lowering the risk of dental problems, like managing your diet, for example. The doctor who handles your other health problems can also advise you to mitigate such issues. 


Looking for a Family Dentist in Raleigh? 

Now that you know how often you should see your dentist, you should do that more often, and you should indulge in a healthier lifestyle, too! That way, you won’t be experiencing inconvenient dental problems along the way. Remember to share this information with your family and friends! Wouldn’t it be great if we all had good dental health? Tyron Family Dentistry has been helping adults and children in Raleigh for years. Our family dentists can advise on maintaining a healthy mouth, and we have various services that can get rid of minor dental health problems before they get worse. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Let’s all protect our dental health and have a great smile! 


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- Jeff Wilson
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