Should You Get Composite Fillings?

If you have a cavity in one of your teeth, your dentist will most likely advise you to have composite fillings in Raleigh as soon as possible to avoid infection and strengthen your tooth.  For many years, amalgam fillings were the most popular, but composite fillings are gaining popularity owing to their mix of aesthetics and longevity. Dental restorations can be built of several materials, although amalgam and composite fillings are the most common. We’ll go over what composite fillings are, how long they last, and how safe they are in this post. 


What Are Composite Fillings and What Are They Made Of?

Composite fillings seem more natural than other alternatives. The composite material may be tinted to match the color of your teeth, making them nearly undetectable to others who look in your mouth. But what exactly is that tooth-colored ingredient? Acrylic plastic resin and powdered glass filler are used to make it. It may be used for a range of dental treatments, notably: 

  • Fillings 
  • Crowns 
  • Veneers 
  • Inlays

Dentists may also employ this composite resin ingredient to repair or reconstruct parts of broken or chipped teeth. 

Other Materials for Dental Fillings 

Your dentist may give you a few options when it comes to filling materials. Here’s how they stack up against each other. 


Ceramic fillings, which contain a form of porcelain, are also reasonably long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to 15 years projected. However, they aren’t widely utilized, are usually rather pricey, and need two visits. 

Silver or Amalgam 

For many years, this was the most generally used form of filler, and it is still widely utilized in many regions of the world. They’re incredibly long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to 15 years. Furthermore, the procedure is relatively uncomplicated because the dentist does not have to worry about keeping the tooth clean and dry throughout the installation. They’re also less expensive than other dental restorative materials. However, in recent years, their appeal has decreased. They don’t seem as natural because they aren’t tooth-colored. 


Gold fillings are more costly than other filling materials, but you get what you pay for. They’re long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to 20 years. They usually need two visits. 

Glass Ionomer 

A glass filler is used to make glass ionomer fillings. Composite resin fillings are tooth-colored and may be tinted to match a person’s teeth. As a result, they’ll be less noticeable than amalgam fillings. They also emit fluoride, which reduces the risk of developing a new cavity. However, they are less robust and will not survive as long as amalgam fillings. Furthermore, they may not be suitable for huge cavities. 

Procedure For Composite Fillings 

Unless there are unique conditions, obtaining a composite filling is a relatively simple procedure that may be completed in one visit. 

  1. At the outset of your appointment, your dentist may choose the composite color to utilize in your filling. It’s best to establish this match as soon as possible, before your teeth and mouth dry up, affecting the brightness of your teeth.
  2. To numb the tooth and surrounding region, you’ll be given an injection of a numbing medication for local anesthetic. 
  3. The dentist will drill a hole in your tooth enamel and remove the decaying portion. 
  4. The region will be cleaned and dried, and the tooth will be prepared. It may be necessary to shave some teeth if the damage is severe. 
  5. The tooth will be etched and bonded by the dentist. 
  6. They’ll start by placing the composite material into your tooth’s hole. The dentist will use a light to cure and fix the composite filling. The light will cure each layer before moving on to the next because the composite is put in layers. 
  7. The tooth will be shaped and contoured before being polished by the dentist. 
  8. Your dentist will examine your bite to ensure that the repair is comfortable for you.

You may experience short-term sensitivity to heat and cold after that, but this should pass rapidly. 


Looking to Get Composite Fillings in Raleigh? 

Composite fillings in Raleigh may be the answer to your search for a filling that is both attractive and does not detract from your smile. It may also help prevent your tooth from becoming weaker due to more dental decay. 

 At Tryon Family Dentistry, we discuss your options with you to ensure that this is the best decision. You’ll know what to expect from your filling this way. Contact us today! 

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