The Benefits of Getting Root Canals

We all know that painful broken teeth can’t be solved by merely brushing your teeth or drinking painkillers and antibiotics. One of the best options known to treat dental problems are root canals in Raleigh.

That tooth pain you feel is uncomfortable, isn’t it? That is a sign that you should immediately go to your dentist to figure out what to do.

Undergoing a root canal treatment prevents further infection that can cause severe dental health problems, such as periodontal diseases.

Let’s find out what a root canal treatment is and why it is better than some other dental health procedures.

woman getting ready for root canals in Raleigh

What Is Root Canal Treatment and How Is It Done? 

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure often done to patients suffering from tooth sensitivity, toothache, and tooth decay. The process usually lasts for an hour or two, making it convenient to treat dental problems. 

This procedure often involves the removal of the bacteria from the pulp or the infected tissue. X-rays should be done before opting for this procedure to determine the extent of the damage.  

Afterward, anesthesia is injected into the area, and the operation begins. Once the infected pulp or tissue is removed, the tooth is cleaned and dried to prepare for the filling procedure. The filling used postoperatively protects the root canals from saliva. 

A dental crown is placed over your tooth to finish the treatment. The dentist may prescribe medications as part of the recovery stage, which takes only a few days. When the treated tooth is taken care of, it could last longer. 

Why You Should opt for Root Canal Treatment 

Root canal treatments have supreme benefits that help you maintain your dental health in good shape. Here are some of them. 

Comfortable and Painless Procedure 

You might have heard of anxieties that you can feel whenever you hear dental procedures like root canal treatment. Well, what you have heard is completely false! Root canal treatments are comfortable and quicker than other alternatives. 

The anesthesia used in root canal treatments stops the pain as the dentist gently removes the infected pulp or tissue from the area. The American Association of Endodontists reported that more people find tooth extractions painful than a root canal treatment. 

Root Canal Treatments Save Natural Tooth and Your Money Too 

Since the only part that will be removed is the infected pulp or tissue, there is a higher chance that your natural tooth will be saved. With the help of dental fillings and dental crowns, your treated tooth will look brand new. 

Given that, you do not have to worry about the possibility of getting implants and dentures. With a proper dental care routine, your tooth can last a lifetime, making you comfortable and saving you money at the same time. 

Boosts Your Confidence to Smile 

Since the root canal treatment got rid of the bacteria and dental caries from your tooth, you can simply go back to smiling without worrying about being mocked by people around you and leaving a bad impression. 

The dental crown attached to the original tooth not only protects it from re-infection but can add appeal to your smile by looking like a natural tooth. Your dentist should give you options between porcelain and gold crowns to see which suits you better. 

It Prevents Infection of the Neighboring Teeth 

As early as now, you should have your painful tooth checked and, if necessary, undergo root canal treatment. When you leave your infected tooth untreated, it could affect its neighboring teeth, which can cause more problems for your dental health. 

After the root canal treatment is done, there will be no more room for the bacteria to spread to the rest of the teeth. You just have to make sure that you maintain your dental hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. 

It Prevents Jawbone Degeneration 

When you undergo tooth extraction, your jawbone is at risk of degeneration because your teeth are not intact anymore. This may cause some facial deformation since the structure of your jaw is affected by the degradation.   

On the other hand, root canal treatments do not require tooth extraction. Instead, dental fillings and crowns are used to retain the natural tooth.

Patient consulting with dentist about root canals in Raleigh

Where Can You Get Root Canals in Raleigh? 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that over 25% of adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay. This is a very alarming fact!  

The Tryon Family Dentistry has been helping patients suffering from tooth decay by doing root canal treatments with the help of powerful technology.  

Our team is dedicated to providing solutions and relief to all your dental needs. Contact us today to know more about root canals in Raleigh and schedule an appointment!

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