What Do Cosmetic Dentists Use to Repair Your Smile?

How do cosmetic dentists improve your smile? There are several ways dentists repair a broken or damaged smile. For example, a dental crown in Wilson is used to conceal a discolored tooth or dental implants to fill in an unsightly tooth gap. The treatments vary depending on your preference, lifestyle, and budget. You’ll know your options during your dental appointment.  

Your cosmetic dentist will listen to your concerns, ask you about your medical history, dental records, and oral hygiene practices, and examine your mouth to get a closer look at your problem areas. Dentists often request X-rays and other diagnostics and lab tests, depending on your case. Nevertheless, dental cosmetic treatments are designed to enhance your smile while boosting oral function.  

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Ways Cosmetic Dentists Improve Your Smile 

Teeth Whitening 

Does your smile look duller than it used to? Has it lost its sparkle? It’s probably because of the morning coffee you have every day before going to work or the late-night wine bottles you down with your friends on weekends. It could also be the tea you take after your Yoga class. Sometimes the fruits you eat can make your teeth look yellow too.  

Unfortunately, even if you brush and floss daily, it can be hard to remove stubborn tooth stains. If you want to improve your smile significantly, you may want to try teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentists can improve the color of your teeth by numerous shades. They use modern-day techniques and an accurate solution concentration to achieve your goals. 

Dental Bonding  

Dental bonding is a cheaper alternative to veneers. It’s a procedure that can fix several cosmetic concerns. For example, bonding can close a narrow tooth gap, repair broken or chipped front teeth, correct minor teeth misalignments and improve the color of badly stained teeth. In this procedure, your cosmetic dentist will shape a tooth-colored resin and apply it over your teeth. Then, it is hardened and set in place using a special light.   

Dental Veneers  

Dental veneers are another option if you want to improve the overall appearance of your teeth. It can be made from composite material or porcelain. The cost varies depending on your choice of material. Porcelain is more expensive than composite. These thin shells are attached to the front surface of your teeth to cover chips, correct cracks, conceal discoloration, and close tooth gaps. 

Your cosmetic dentist will carefully choose a shade that will blend beautifully with the rest of your natural teeth for an even look. Dental veneers can last up to a decade or more when properly cared for. A major advantage of veneers is they don’t stain, so you can enjoy your coffee and tea without worrying about your teeth turning yellow. 

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Dental Implants 

Tooth loss not only affects your speech and your chewing ability but also impacts your smile. Besides robbing you of an attractive smile, missing teeth also cause numerous oral health concerns. Studies show that tooth loss can predispose you to crooked and crowded teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay. A dental implant is a tooth replacement solution that offers durability and longevity like natural teeth. 

A dental implant is a titanium post that your dentist will place inside your jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. It’s a surgical procedure that can take several months to complete. 

Nevertheless, as soon as your gums have healed and the posts have fully fused with your jawbone, you’ll have a brand new smile designed to last a lifetime! 

Your dentist will first screen you for eligibility for a successful operation. Yes, not everyone is qualified to receive dental implants. 

Inlays and Onlays  

Do you have gray metal fillings at the back of your mouth? Although these fillings are durable and strong, they are pretty obvious because of their dark gray look. When you laugh or open your mouth, people can easily spot them and often mistake them for decay.  

Thankfully today, inlays and onlays can solve these issues. Inlays and onlays cover a small part of the surrounding area with a material that resembles the color of your natural teeth, so they are virtually undetected. You’ll be glad to know that they are just as strong as conventional fillings in terms of strength.  

Dental Crowns 

Are your teeth badly damaged? Was it because of years of neglect or facial trauma that caused some of your teeth to get broken? Regardless, living with poorly shaped teeth can dent your self-esteem. Luckily, there is a cost-effective way to restore the integrity, function, and shape of your teeth. The answer is through dental crowns. 

Dental crowns or caps are customized tooth caps that your cosmetic dentist will fit over your affected teeth to enhance their appearance and function. Through advancements in technology, cosmetic dentists can fabricate natural-looking crowns that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.  

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Are You Interested in Dental Crown in Wilson?

Have you decided on a procedure to improve your smile? If it’s a dental crown you want, then it’s a dental crown you’ll get. At Tyron Family Dentistry, we provide a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments that are tailormade to suit your needs. Call us today for an appointment.  

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