What to Expect from Getting Teeth in a Day®

In most situations, Teeth in a Day® in Raleigh refers to full arch dental implant restorations, in which all damaged teeth are extracted, implants are inserted, and a temporary replica of your teeth is implanted all in one visit. 

Once the gums have healed, the permanent teeth will be inserted many months later. For individuals who have had a lifetime of dental problems, this sort of “dental makeover” can be a life-changing event. While most patients may not need all their teeth removed, obtaining this sort of therapy is a huge benefit for those who do. Patients are more likely to need a single front tooth replaced. Teeth in a Day® is a common option that your dentist can discuss with you. 


What You Should Know 

What Happens When a Dental Implant Is Placed? 

Dental implants are the current standard for tooth replacement because they look and feel like natural teeth. A dental implant is a surgically inserted artificial tooth “root replacement” with a crown placed on top. It is commonly constructed of titanium metal, which fuses to the jawbone over time. 

Dental implants may require one or more surgical operations, depending on the scenario. Before surgery, an implant dentist can discuss all treatment choices and a treatment plan with you. This will cover oral hygiene and how to look after your new teeth. 

Learn If Dental Implants Are a Good Option for You 

Dental implants may be right for you if you have missing teeth, decaying teeth, or long-term dental difficulties. Your next step should be to make an appointment with a dentist.  It is critical that you select a dental implant specialist rather than simply any dentist. 

These dental implant experts have completed important educational, training, and competency requirements to make the implant treatment more enjoyable. 

We Need to Look After Your Health 

When you visit with your implant dentist, you’ll have a complete dental checkup, which may include digital scans of your mouth, X-rays, or molds.

Before forming a treatment plan, they will examine your unique circumstances and evaluate your teeth, gums, and bone structure. A 3D X-ray may also be done to determine how much bone you have accessible. 

Even though certain medical disorders like diabetes, leukemia, and other systemic illnesses might make the healing process more difficult, dental implants are still a viable option for most individuals. Furthermore, smoking has been linked to an increase in healing difficulties. Your dentist can assist you in determining how your medical condition may affect implant therapy. 

Following your implant treatment, it’s vital to practice good oral hygiene and regularly visit the dentist. You can ensure that your dental implants will last a lifetime this way. 

Getting Your Teeth in a Day® 

There is a surgical and restorative phase to dental implant therapy. The bone must mend around the dental implants for them to be effective. It could also be essential to prepare the area for a dental implant, necessitating a few treatments. 

The restorative phase may commence when enough healing has occurred. This might take anywhere from one to six months, depending on the case’s complexity. However, Teeth In A Day® is a different type of treatment since it can be completed in just one day. You won’t necessarily have to go home with missing teeth. It brings comfort to all patients who hope to have a complete set of teeth. 

What to Expect Before and After Surgery 

The process for dental implants is done as an outpatient procedure. Every patient is unique. Thus, surgical methods are adjusted to meet your requirements. Bad teeth, if existent, are removed with the use of a local anesthetic, bone grafts are used if needed, and the jawbone is prepped to accept the insertion of your dental implant in a routine procedure.  

The implant is then given the time it needs to integrate (or fuse) with your jawbone. Your implant dentist will take molds or optical scans of your mouth once you’ve recovered so that your artificial teeth may be made to your specifications. You will experience the benefits and comfort of your new teeth after only a few brief appointments. 

Patients having a full arch Teeth in a Day® treatment might expect to have all unhealthy teeth extracted and leave the office with a temporary form of their replacement teeth on the same day, with the permanent ones being placed later. 


Want to Get Teeth in a Day® In Raleigh? 

Teeth in a Day® implants have the appearance and feel of natural teeth. You won’t have to be concerned about clicking noises or what food is safe to consume.  

At Tryon Family Dentistry, we care for your oral health. We have specialists who can help put your worries to rest by giving you solutions and options to your current issues. Contact us today! 

“I have been going to Tryon Family Denistry for the past six years and I absolutely love it. The staff are always friendly and courteous. They engage in conversation so as to take your mind off what they are doing. Dr. Leo is awesome as well and has great beside manners. If you are looking for a great dentist office then look no further.”
- Kiawana Fulford
“Another of our favorite patients, Jane, took the time to speak about our service and what it means to her. We truly do have the best patients and we very much appreciate each and every one of them.”
- Jane
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- Cheryl
“Amazing office. The dentists here do great work. Replaced four of my front teeth with veneers and worked with me (for free) when the treatment plan didn’t go exactly as expected due to my chronic bruxism. They always explain what they’re doing, and why. I thoroughly trust this team with my dental care.”
- Jeff Wilson
“I had neglected my dental care for over 20 years due to fear of the whole process. I took a leap of faith and went to this office and I am so glad I did. They understood my situation and moved forward without making me feel bad. It was an 8 month marathon of dental work. I had fillings, cleanings, wisdom teeth removed, an extraction and a wonderful implant put in. I was a hard patient to work with and the whole crew was nice to me every step of the way. Years from now when I still have my teeth I’ll have this place to thank. They fixed me up now and destroyed my fear of the dentist office for the future.”
- Jay P.
“Wonderful service! Always very polite and professional. They make you feel very comfortable especially when your scared of the dentist. Will definitely keep going back!”
- stacey wells
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